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Our Diverse Network

Whether you need immediate staffing at your call center or help getting the proper permits to open a factory in Thailand, AsiaPAC Consulting has you covered. We provide a vast number of services to meet all of our client needs through our group of companies. These include:

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Providing Human Resources Solution such as Executive Search

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Facilitating Outsourcing in Management Staffing and Training

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Staffing for a Variety of Different Industries in ASEAN

Some of our other solutions include:

AsiaPAC Consulting provides custom HR solutions, so please contact us—even if there is a service not listed on our websites.

Our Mission - Helping Clients Become Established in Asia


Since 1989, AsiaPAC Consulting has been a leader in Southeast Asia in matching qualified executives, managers, and staff with high-profile companies. Our commitment to excellence in Human Resource management is reflected in the positive feedback and repeat business from both international and domestic companies over the years. At AsiaPAC Consulting, we strive to find the right people for the right job, whether your business requires an expat manager or needs dozens of new team members to staff a call center.

We are able to find talented people for prestigious positions throughout ASEAN: including Thailand, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Cambodia, and more. Our diverse list of clients has provided us invaluable experience in helping to meet the needs of our customers. Contact us today to learn how you can team up with AsiaPAC Consulting to meet all your HR needs.

Our Team - Decades of Experience in HR Services

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AsiaPAC Consulting was founded by Dr. Benchalak Phutinart in 1989 to address the desire for numerous companies outsourcing their operations to Southeast Asia. As a graduate of the prestigious Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration, Dr. Benchalak realized early on that Asia was rapidly becoming the major player in the global economy. However, she noticed that many companies had difficulty navigating the legal and cultural hurdles that comes with operating in a new country. AsiaPAC Consulting is fully committed toward ensuring your transition into a new center of operations is smooth and your personnel needs are met as soon as possible.

Our Location - Business Hub of the ASEAN Region

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We are based in Bangkok, Thailand, a city of over 10 million that is the de facto hub of the region. With Thailand's pro-business attitude, millions of highly-trained people, and friendly smiles, it is no wonder that many businesses have chosen to become established here. Notable industries in Thailand include manufacturing, financial operations, agriculture, and tourism; however, emerging industries such as IT and communications are becoming increasingly prevalent mainstays. The surrounding ASEAN nations are also business-friendly and constantly seeking foreign investment. The time to break into the Asian market is now. Please contact AsiaPAC Consulting, and we will help you get your operations ready sooner rather than later.

Our Values and Services - A Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

At AsiaPAC Consulting, we distinguish ourselves as a world leader and innovator by providing complete workforce solutions no matter what the client's needs. As an example, we are capable of managing some of the most challenging HR problems to include:

Paper Stack

  • Executive Search
  • Outplacement Service
  • Career Management
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Training and Development

AsiaPAC Consulting has upheld a standard of excellence in ASEAN HR throughout our years experience by advocating the following values:

  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Individual Responsibility
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Quality
  • Time
  • Teamwork

Our Executive Search Process

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Whether you are a company looking for an immediate filling of an executive position, or whether you are a businessman seeking a new adventure in Southeast Asia, AsiaPAC consulting is here to help you. Based on our extensive network throughout the ASEAN region, we are able to find the right match between high-profile companies and talented executives. Due to our knowledge of local labor laws, markets, and customs, we can help you with your executive search needs without all the regular hassles.

When you submit your CV to AsiaPAC Consulting or contact us to request an executive position be filled, we will immediately respond to all of your questions and concerns. We pride ourselves on matching the right person for the right job in a short amount of time. Executives new to the region should feel free to peruse our business tips to ensure that you are successful.

Our Clients

AsiaPAC Consulting has worked with numerous clients for over 20 years, from multi-national corportation to small businesses. Some of our satisfied customers include:



  • IBM (Thailand) Ltd.
  • HP (Thailand) Ltd.
  • Microsoft (Thailand)
  • Sun Microsystems
  • Accenture Solutions Co.,Ltd.
  • SAP Thailand Ltd.
  • SAS Software (Th) Co.,Ltd.
  • Deloitte Touche Consulting Co.,Ltd.
  • Holcim Services (Asia) Ltd.
  • Huawei Technologies (Th) Co.,Ltd.
  • Novell Software (Th) Ltd.
  • Oracle Systems (Th) Co.,Ltd.

Manufacturing Ind.

  • Seagate
  • Benchmark
  • Sony Thai
  • Innovex
  • Wearnes Precision



  • Nestle (Th) Ltd.
  • SC Johnson
  • Bayer Thai
  • Johnson Diversey
  • Minor Group
  • Colgate



  • Novartis
  • Pfizer
  • AstraZeneca
  • Bristol Myers/Mead Johnson

Banking/Finance Inst.

  • Sumitomo Bank
  • Calyon
  • Bank Thai
  • Bank Tokyo
  • Mitzuho
  • ABN Amro

Join Us - We Want to Hear from Companies and Jobseekers

Our extensive network of qualified, talented people allows us to match the right personnel for the right job. If you are a multi-national or domestic company, please contact us to learn about how we can help address your personnel needs. If you are interested in being part of our personnel network, we can assist you in job placement (at no cost to you). Executives, managers, and staff can submit their CVs directly to us.

The AsiaPAC Consulting Group

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Find Talented Employees

Please contact AsiaPAC Consulting to find the right people for all your employment needs.

Find Your Dream Job

Please submit your CV to AsiaPAC Consulting, and we will endeavor to find you immediate job placement. There is no cost associated for our jobseekers.


Your privacy is very important to us at AsiaPAC Consulting, and it is something we take very seriously. We will only share your information with our trusted clients for the purposes of finding you employment.

Affiliates & Sponsors

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For more than fifty years, NPA, The Worldwide Recruiting Network has been connecting independent global recruiting firms to facilitate split placements.

AsiaPAC Consulting is a longtime member of this human resources organization, which allows extensive international networking to high-profile companies and talented jobseekers.


The International Executive Search Federation (IESF) is a professional human capital consultancy that focuses on executive search for the world’s leading businesses.

AsiaPAC Consulting is a proud member of this organization, attracting the best talent and leadership candidates to be the building blocks of our clients’ future success.

AsiaPAC Consulting’s Goal Statement

Our goal is to serve our domestic and overseas clients with a focused and specialized service that is efficient, cost-effective, and devoted to the client’s interest

AsiaPAC Consulting Clients

Our clients have included many large companies over the last 20 years to include, IBM, Microsoft, and Nestle

ASEAN Economic Community by 2015


We are a proud supporter of the blueprint laid out by the ASEAN Economic Community to achieve a competitive, well-educated, and technologically-advanced Southeast Asia by 2015

AsiaPAC Consulting’s Community

We help place candidates from a wide-variety of backgrounds in jobs throughout the region, and we always treat them with respect